“The taser. Use the taser!”

(quoting Beavis …) No doubt University of Florida police went overboard tasering a student who commandeered the mic at a town hall forum. Still, I sorta enjoyed watching this spoiled brat suffer. The downside — we’ll have to endure his time in the media spotlight. Conspiratorial lefties are already rallying behind Andrew Meyer’s cause (note […]

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Today’s must-read

Hold your nose as you peruse the 22 most corrupt members of Congress, compiled by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The list includes a presidential candidate (Duncan Hunter), a leading Democrat (John Murtha) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Georgia congressman David Scott also made the cut. Here’s betting all four will […]

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Influence for dollars

Glad to see John Edwards call out Hillary’s campaign for its barely legal and grossly unethical fundraising practices: In its most direct attack on Hillary Rodham Clinton, the campaign of Democratic presidential contender John Edwards on Tuesday denounced a fundraising luncheon that included sessions for Clinton donors with members of Congress who have expertise in […]

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The case against non-discrimination

The fundamentalist hens from Concerned Women for America are so firmly opposed to the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act” that they got a man to speak for them: Finally, the bill legalizes sexual harassment. It states that “denial of access” to workplace facilities such as restrooms and dressing rooms based on gender is only allowed for “shared […]

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She may lack the comedic chops of Jessica Alba, but there’s no shame in being Mel Brooks’ muse. The late Madeline Kahn never rushed a laugh, nor did she cave to vanity. That makes her an all-timer, as demonstrated in the following clips: “Oh sweet mystery of life at last I’ve found you!” “Goddammit I’m […]

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